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About Us


Our Vision


Our company recorded double-digit sales growth in 2021, mainly due to a significant increase in sales volume. A number of initiatives are already contributing to notable progress in line with the new strategic vision. The company has improved internal processes, begun to transform its digital capabilities, and launched an online store and set ambitious goals as part of our sustainability strategy. Our efforts have benefited our partners, and our new approach to investment and rebranding has resulted in impressive profits and performance 

We have identified our strategic priorities for the near future:

Improving Sales Density Growth and Profitability

Business efficiency to ensure profitable growth and cash flow accumulation

Smart development, implying high profitability targets in new retail facilities

Point increasement in market presence

Expanding offers to customers to ensure optimal customer satisfaction

Development prospects

Land of Fire General Trading can be your reliable partner. Our management guarantees that partners stay in the spotlight when considering all business decisions. We use state-of-the-art analytics and big data tools to drive growth based on the needs of our customers and our partners. Our company pays great attention to product quality. We are aimed and committed to improving the quality of the distribution experience and providing additional services that go beyond the basic offerings.



Daily, we interact with various groups of partners, retailers, buyers, employees, suppliers, government authorities and investors. The customer is always at the centre of our attention and we build all processes around him, strengthening our competitive advantages and working on new areas of development.

The basis of the sustainable development of our company is the observance of the principles of conducting a socially responsible business aimed at creating value for all stakeholders. We create economic opportunities for partners and suppliers, a favourable and safe working environment for employees, and we develop local communities. We provide customers with high quality and affordable food product prices.


Our success owes to a hard-working team that continues to embrace technology and implement sound business strategies and processes. As a result, the last decade has seen an extraordinary expansion of our business geographically across a wide range of products.We believe in core values that have carved the foundation for this consistent growth and success. Since the beginning, every challenge is met with these values in place, making us the strategic partner in the region.

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