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About Us


About Us

Over the years of its existence in Dubai since 2013, the Land of Fire food distribution company has developed a large circle of suppliers - leading food manufacturers from many countries of the world, which allows us to offer a wide range of high-quality products and various packaging formats for wholesale and retail. The activity of our company is the sale of canned vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, groceries, spices, concentrates and many other food products.

We specialize in serving main hypermarkets, supermarkets, independent retailers, commercial enterprises, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and catering plants, and for many, we have become a serious and reliable supplier. The main priority in our work is the high quality of goods and services provided. All products are certified and meet modern requirements.

Positioning in the market
Having excellent knowledge of the regional market, a team of highly qualified specialists, well- established trade and logistics business processes, we offer our partner suppliers:

joint development and implementation of a market strategy for promoting brands
introduction of products to the region's retail chains, retail outlets, and municipal institutions
information and marketing support for sales in retail outlets (carrying out promotions, organizing merchandising)
promotion and strengthening of brands
an effective team of sales representatives

provision of services for the formation and placement of exclusive trade teams of manufacturers in the distributor's office
competently built warehouse and transport logistics
financial stability, the accuracy of payments

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