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CEO Message

The last few years have been extremely challenging, but our company has been able to adapt quickly to the rapid changes in the economic situation, consumer behaviour and regulatory regulation of FMCG sector. Today, Land of Fire General Trading successfully coped with the period of turbulence and achieved good results. Despite the economic situation, we have widened our portfolio with internationally well-known food and beverages brands and launched new projects in line with our strategic goals. In addition, we improved our position in the market by maintaining business efficiency and customer service. We are continuously strengthening our presence in GCC region, improving our organizational structure and planning to launch a digital transformation program.

We have also made notable progress in fulfilling our commitments under the sustainable development strategy. In accordance with the adopted strategy, we have sought to rely on the interests of customers in our decision-making and to capitalize on our competitive advantages and invest in optimization.

We strive to be a distributor company that is able to meet the needs and provide the best quality at an affordable price. To achieve this goal, we continued to improve the value proposition for customers, develop our own manufacturing facilities and increase the range of products.

Land of Fire General Trading is a name to rely on in strategically efficient distribution for the retail market in the region. I am thankful to every customer who has placed their trust in our company and commit myself and my team to the joyful responsibility of living up to it, in every step.


Anar Hasanov

CEO, Founder

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